What Caught Our Attention in the Investment World? – Week of December 20-23, 2021

By Kuldip K. Ambastha

On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, the stock of Carnival Corporation & plc (CCL), a leisure travel company, delivered an +8.7% gain for the trading day. Investors cheered on the company’s plan to return to profitability, which includes an anticipated profit in the second half of 2022. The company expects that COVID-19’s Omicron variant will not pose serious public health complications to its various business lines, and potential customers are currently free to sign up for cruises at the moment (including on a new AIDAcosma cruise ship powered by liquefied natural gas, within the AIDA Cruises subsidiary – this is the second kind of cruise ship using liquefied natural gas in the Carnival offerings). Company management also will be introducing new restrictions (to be present through January 2022) within Carnival’s various holdings to keep customers safe, including a requirement to wear masks indoors and a ban on smoking in casinos. Lastly, alongside the manufacturing solutions provider Jabil Inc. (JBL), Carnival will be launching a new apparel line focused on consumer wearables within an Experience Internet of Things framework.

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Disclosure – The principals and clients of Ambastha Financial LLC have no positions in CCL or JBL.

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