What Caught Our Attention in the Investment World? – Week of September 19-23, 2022

By Kuldip K. Ambastha

The stock price of Sotera Health Company (SHC), an integrated global health solutions company, had a loss of -33.3% per share on Monday, September 19, 2022. On the subsequent trading days of the week, three negative daily returns and one positive daily return were seen. Litigation was the primary cause of the four negative daily returns seen during the trading week, since a lawsuit resulted in the amount of $363 million being awarded to a plaintiff on the matter of ethylene oxide (EO) exposure leading to cancer. With this legal ruling having been made against Sotera and two other companies due to EO exposure from a factory in Illinois, several other lawsuits could also be resolved such that Sotera is found liable for significant monetary damages. Various investors and Wall Street equity research analysts have now turned negative on the stock of Sotera.

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Disclosure – The principals and clients of Ambastha Financial LLC have no positions in SHC.

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